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Short story: Nataly Rosa Petite Bound | nataly is prepared and ready to suck a cock, and Sister Dee knows just the man for the job. When PD shows up on the scene he expects good head and he’s going to get it. Talented little nataly can even put the rubber he is going to fuck her with on using her mouth. her pussy is there to take a pounding and PD is ready to provide. When PD is done with this slut, Sister Dee wants to have a little more fun. Mr. Pogo is the dick of choice for Dee and he is more than enough to make this cunt scream. As soon as the vibrator touches her clit nataly is ready to cum. Unfortunately for her, Dee loves to hear her scream. Dee has the slut howling for mercy before long as she makes nataly to cum over and over.

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