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Short story: Ella is ready for some BDSM games with her new lover who has one goal - to make her cum hard and feel a little bit of pain as well and that is why he is playing these games with her. She loves it since she has no idea what he is going to do next to her but at the same time that is making her nipples rock hard and she is a little bit scared... He has one long toy that he is going to shove deep inside of her cunt and it is only a matter of time when she is going to cum hard. He tied her up against the wall while she was spreading her long legs and moaning at the same time. Ella was laughing in the beginning but she is not laughing now. She likes singletail more but this is fine as well... As long as she gets off real hard, she is more than happy. Her trimmed pussy is hungry for anything that is hard and that is why she likes these bondage games more than anything. Just look at her cute face!

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